We are a multi-disciplinary creative and digital marketing studio based in Los Angeles. We are a group of passionate and tech savvy creatives who specialize in leveraging data to produce ingenious designs and functional beauty, aiming for continuous breakthroughs of performance results for our clients.



No brand is harder to refine into perfection than your own. We want to create a new brand identity that tells the original story behind and speaks to the studio that we are today.

Client: XYU design

Category: Branding, Digital, Print

The Story

XYU design was founded in 2016 by Chelsea Yu. With her passion for design and extensive experience working with leading Ad-Tech organizations and digital advertising agencies, the confidence she gained and the appreciation she received for delivering outstanding creative solutions inspired her to start her own creative business.


At the very beginning, it was a solo business. It wasn’t until late 2016 that after she overcame a series of personal challenges, she decided to turn what she’ve learned in the challenges into the stepping-stone and foundation to build her own business and find her own voice as a female Chinese American entrepreneur.


Most likely the first two things you’ll notice in the XYU logo is the sleek triangle and the letters XYU, an initial of the founder’s Chinese name. The three letters were strategically designed to form the triangle. With an extra effort you’ll recognize that the triangle is an equilateral triangle, the strongest shape there is. It symbolizes the challenges that the founder overcame in 2016, and yet the tremendous courage, strength, confidence, and faith that she gained afterwards. It was all these qualities that influenced the attitude of XYU design culture that we dream big, not afraid of pushing creative boundaries, and thrive to success (because clients’ success is our success).


You tell us! :///)