Design with passion : 

This is what we love to do

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Branding, Logos, Logo Animations, Brand
Personality + Positioning, Brand Guildlines

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Websites Design + Development,
Respondsive, Mobile App Design,
Digital Campaigns, WordPress,
SquareSpace, Social Media Marketing

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Corporate Videos, Video Advertising
Campaigns, Branding Spots, Social Media
Content, Animations, Digital Series

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User Experience, Creative Direction,
Art Direction, Creative Consultation

The Process :

Because behind every design element lies an answer why it exists...Because behind every design element
lies an answer why it exists...

1. Research and Strategy

Understanding client goals, brand strategy, what their business stands for, and what distinguishes them from competitors. This overview helps analyzing the core audience behavior, what he or she needs, and how to create a product that will appeal to him or her.

2. Designing the experience

Stepping into audience’s shoes, mapping out and organizing information hierarchy based on target audience perspective, as well as what content he or she wants to connect to at each hierarchy. Sketching out key screens that demonstrate how an audience will interact with the information available.

3. Execution

Generating ingenious visual ideas and executing them carefully with an eye for beauty and passion.

XYU design :



Chelsea Yu

Founder / Creative Director

Creative director with 7 years of experience in tech media marketing and advertising industry with major agencies. Fusing creative, tech, and business notion, Chelsea is the effective link between ideas and deliverables.


Oscar Leong

Co-Founder / VFX Director

With extensive knowledge in After Effects and Cinema 4D, Oscar brings us the magic with top animation skills, digital effects supervision, and technical support in all aspects of our video storytelling creation.


Max Harris

Senior Developer

Senior Developer with 6 years of experience working in Silicon Valley, building digital solutions for major tech companies. Max is a well-rounded developer with a mastery of frontend and backend technologies, and a love for mobile.


David Ternerio

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Our accomplished graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for crafting pixel-perfect designs. David is the go to person for our print and illustration projects.



Jewel Yan

Design Intern

With her enthusiasm, desire to explore, and desire to do things differently, Jewel works closely with creative director and the team to assist on a wide variety of projects.