V8 V-fusion energy is the healthy, great tasting juice based energy drink powered by green tea, it also provides a full serving of fruit and vegetables while having just 50 calories, so people can feel good about what they put into their body. V8 V-fusion comes in three refreshing flavors: Pomegranate Blueberry, and Peach Mango, and orange pineapple.



Use digital media to drive brand awareness, promote V8 V-fusion energy core equity, promote digital coupons, drive traffic to official website, and ultimately motivate sales both in store and online.

Client: V8 V-fusion

Category: Digital, Strategy


While most offerings in the competitive energy-drinks market segment are targeted to young males, V8 V-fusion was developed to appeal to Moms who want a healthier energy boost. The caffeine in V-fusion energy comes from green tea, instead of food chemicals.



Some may look at V-Fusion Energy and think, oh that’s just some can of juice, no biggie. These people are mistaken. When you blessed your taste buds with these super “juice”, surprisingly you haven’t tasted vegetables this good EVER! It has a full serving of fruits and vegetables all mixed into one can. With the V8 V-fusion energy interactive campaign, we are recreating that surprise feeling when you discover the V-Fusion Energy drink for the first time!


During a 2mo analysis period, the campaign delivered 20.6MM impressions. Of the audiences who make it to the 15% completion point of the campaign, 85.9% view the entire video, indicating the creative is very effective as maintaining audience engagement. The click-thru-rate was 2.5x higher than the industry benchmark.