Based in Austin TX, House Park Longboards offers handmade longboards. Each HP longboard is custom cut from high-end bamboo blanks and hand finished by their in-house shaper, making each one unique. Each HP longboard is about 4-feet long and a foot wide, comes clad with 10-inch trucks for stability, soft 70+ MM wheels for riding comfort, and half inch risers for an elevated view of the world.



Creating a brand identity that speaks to the personalities of House Park Longboards and separates it with its competitors.

Client: House Park

Category: Branding, Strategy


Since 1939, House Park is actually a historical area in Austin, and the birth place of the longboard brand. Inspired by the hipster culture of the area, the founder keep the longboard making process old-school, each House Park longboard is handmade and hand-finished making each one unique. The idea of owning a House Park longboard is like owning a second vehicle, perfect for quick trips to the local coffee shops or to pick up fresh groceries from the local farmers markets.


Reflecting the hipster culture behind House Park longboard and its historical birth place, the brand identity is considered old-school, vintage looking, yet elegant. The House Park emblem is actually a hybrid design of several different shapes and lines that was captured around the area that we find intriguing. The emblem symbolizes the House Park club is a community with the shared idea that owning a House Park longboard is like owning a second vehicle for that local hipster lifestyle.


“Chelsea has done a brilliant and highly professional job creating the brand identity for my company. It is exactly what we wanted even above and beyond. We’re really happy with the result and will gladly work with again!”

– Founder of House Park Longboards