Clif builder by Clif bar was born out of the believe that your body and muscles care what your feed them. Clif builder’s includes organic ingredients chosen to give your body the protein it needs to
help build and repair muscle, energy to sustain a workout, and vitamins and minerals to support protein metabolism during and after a workout.



Use digital media to drive brand awareness, promote builder’s core equity, and motivate engagement.

Client: Clif Bar

Category: Digital, Strategy


Clif builder’s target audiences are male focused activators, age range 18-30. He lives an active lifestyle. While weight training is part of his regimen to stay in shape, he is not a body builder and is alienated by the ‘meathead’ imagery so prevalent in the protein segment.


The Concept

The ingredients in Clif builders set it apart from other protein bars. Your workout should set itself apart too. Your protein bar is organic, and so does your work out! With this interactive rich media campaign, we are bringing the idea of nature’s gym to life with a focus on outdoor, natural muscle- building workouts.


During a 2mo analysis period, the campaign delivered 4.2MM impressions. It maintained an outstanding overall Click Thru Rate of 3.25% which is well above of the 2016 worldwide rich media CTR benchmark of 0.15%. Expand rate of 36.4% is also well above the benchmark of 5%.