The Angel Soft bath tissue feature an ideal balance of softness and strength. It is three times stronger than the leading value brands. It’s a smart choice for any household.



Recruit moms into the Angel Soft brand. Drive brand awareness, promote Angel Soft product and coupons in an exciting way, and motivate digital engagement.

Client: Angel Soft

Category: Digital, Strategy


Angel Soft’s target audiences are women with children. She’s a Mom who is social savvy and digital-media native. She is a smart shopper who wants to get her children and family the best product with big savings.


The Angel Soft bath tissue is built for strength yet it is soft to the touch; we created an in-unit “Bouncing Bear” game to show this core equity. Utilizing the competitive nature of modern social and tech savvy women when it comes to playing online game, the campaign allows players to share their final scores on social media, promoting Angel Soft digital coupons, and ultimately generating even more brand awareness in social media platforms outside the campaign unit.


During a 2mo analysis period, the Angel Soft campaign delivered 3.7MM impressions. It maintained an outstanding Expand Rate of 35.2% which is well above of the worldwide rich media ER benchmark of 5%. Click Thru Rate is 3.38%, which is well above of benchmark of 0.15%.